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Anonymous said: How do you keep your hair so vibrant? What dye to you use?

I use Manic Panic Amplified in Atomic Turquoise





how can someone do not agree with this

They’re fun for a girl or a boy


Now THIS is a Fishnet Friday 0_o

artbysinner said: Anna, WHERE ARE ALL THE STREAMSES???

Ahm sorrah! Between the breakup and working lots of double shifts, not had the time or drive. :(

Anonymous said: Awesome new picture is awesome, thank you for sharing! Why were you unsure about posting it?

I don’t know, just lingering thoughts in my brain telling me I shouldn’t be posting myself, even though I can do whatever the froobs I want now.

Been debating whether to post this or not, buttfuckit, why not eh.

Been debating whether to post this or not, buttfuckit, why not eh.

amorviii said: So this is like the fourth message I've started writing to you today. I started out trying to explain why people approach others on the internet versus real life then realized I had no real idea. Then I tried a couple of times to describe how to flirt then, again, realized I had no idea. So, just so you know someone out here is rooting for you and your in-person-approachable-ness and your ability to flirt but they are pretty useless at actually being helpful. Haha.

I appreciate it all the same. :p
I pretty much know why people would rather approach online, there is less commitment to it, they can be anonymous, and if they don’t get the response they want they can block you. They can also hit on more people online than they can in person, casting their net wider to raise their chances. Going by the standard and content of messages I recieve on OKCupid, I fall under the wide net theory, with people just casting out to lots with the hope of getting one reply, rather than making a personal effort to get to know one person.

Anonymous said: How about yours? What would you most like to do / have happen to you? with details please! :)

See the previous anon! :p

Anonymous said: re sexual fantasy: i would love to spend a weekend tied up, and down, and teased, serving my other half, helpless. theirs a lot more to go in to it, but that risks me writing you an erotic novel, and this isn't the place. plus it would suck. but just...lots of long term bondage, and teasing, and being at someone elses mercy.

That’s pretty much mine, a weekend of use and abuse. ♡ no clothes just my metal collar, shackles and heavy chains.

Anonymous said: got the idea for the cam from this blog, but I think it would be awesome - more fun later on too when you re-watch it.

I used to have a few videos like that, but they were with the ex so got deleted. Will have to make some more if I ever get lucky. :p

Anonymous said: I was thinking cut but now you mention it torn would be damn hot xD this is new, but it could also be quite hot for it to be filmed with the person tied down able to look at a monitor / tv and see what's been recorded as it happens.

One thing I find disappointing as a woman, is not being able to properly see what is going on without the aid of a mirror, so that would be fun.

Anonymous said: It would have to be! the play session once I'd return would need it >:) Maybe if they wore something that was open like a skirt but underneath wore some sexy underwear to hold the toy in place that they didn't mind if it got cut away to make access easier once I got back for my fun.

Cut or torn? :P

Anonymous said: One arm would have to be tied down using a loop of rope, easy to get into but hard to get out of using the ice lock on the other hand (in case for some reason they have to free themselves...a few hours later >:)) Or the last hand could be tied using handcuffs that don't have the safety latch. I'd also have them dress in a nice outfit >:)

A nice but practically accessable outfit? :P

Anonymous said: Biggest sexual fantasy for me would be to leave a small box for my partner (if I had one :() to find on the bed one morning after I've had to go out, in it I'd leave a note, some toys and some restraints with instructions for them to tie themselves down securely with the things I've provided (inc an ice lock to be safe) and that they're to put the toy in and await for my return. once home I'd play with & tease them all night long however I saw fit. Maybe a nice gag too for them to wear too.

That would be a fun gift to wake up to, only issue would be chaining/tying yourself down securely, unless you’re leaving them with one arm free. Otherwise sounds fun!

polloconpapas said: Biggest fantasy is being intimate while another coupe (preferably friends) in the room is doing the same. It's not even a foursome thing, just each couple doing their thing but can still heard and see each other. My fiancée is very reserved in that aspect, we barely do public stuff and I deeply respect that, but still I'd like to try one day.

So essentially live porn for each couple?