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What is it with you crazy people and my feet?!

Kully — 09:01 PM

Hey if I paid u wud u let me kiss ur feet?”

Why do people assume that if an outfit is bright, it’s cosplay?!

The amount of messages I get on OKC asking if I cosplay, for example today… 

Do you do cos play stuff then? judging by your pics anywho?… I’m not an expert but that’s what it looks like init.” 

Seriously? I’ve never once cosplayed in my life and the only pictures I can assume he’s referring to are my new Cyberdog ones. 

Tired, cold and bored of the idiots on OKCupid who feel the need to pester a stranger for their choosing not to drink.

Some people need to get out more.
Somewhat dissapointed - you a have a lovely and somewhat attractive profile and smile - yet you’re drinkcist. I drink alcohol and enjoy doing so from time to time, in fact I’d say I occasionally get rather wrecked. ” 

Wow, congratulations. You managed to read the part about my not looking for drinkers and carried on to message me anyway, telling me how much you love alcohol. Well done. 

"if you were on a beach and after a while you realised that you had been accidently sitting on my face suffocating me cos i had been buried in the sand with just my face above the sand, would you sit back down and smother me or spare me?"

Ah good ol’ bizarre first contact messages!

How to ruin your chances of sleeping, the Grimsauce way:

1. Receive proposition from cute gay girl.
2. Lie in bed wide awake while your brain goes into super happy active mode.

I need sleeeeeep

Someone doesn’t get the point of dating sites…

Its too long and most of the profiles are pointless. I do not read profiles so I didnt read yours either. Is it important for you?”

Wow people on OKCupid are imaginative with their messages…

"cybbber goth"

That is all.
Well done for stating the obvious? 

Haha, what a hypocrite!

So, according to my ex I’m a loser for using OKCupid, yet he’s just signed up to it and is looking for “casual sex”, classy!
Also, he’s deleted me from Facebook before giving me back my bike and jumper, so looks like I’ll be wandering over there to get it back later. What an idiot.