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I’m confuuuuuused. DX

OK, so Pete (ex I was with for 3 years) hasn’t spoken to me since he dumped me in December and was pretty venomous when he did, emailed me today. 
Didn’t say anything, just a link to a generic octopus hair clip on Etsy.

I’m pretty baffled as to why after all that time and spite he’s decided to contact me in such an abstract way.

Seeing who my ex is hitting on now is confusing me…

She’s rather ugly and I know there’s the silly line of “Seeing your ex with their new partner and seeing they’ve downgraded” but my mind has instead decided to try and draw parallels between our looks and its making me feel pretty damn shitty.
I know this will come across as narcissistic, but its more about what little body confidence I’d managed to build up being shattered completely. 

Just realised the ex still has my copy of Mort and my Kaiju IRN-BRUCE


D: What if I don’t get them back?

So I finally got my bike and jumper back.

Had to phone his mom to arrange it, and despite being in he didn’t even show his face. LOL! Coward.

Haha, what a hypocrite!

So, according to my ex I’m a loser for using OKCupid, yet he’s just signed up to it and is looking for “casual sex”, classy!
Also, he’s deleted me from Facebook before giving me back my bike and jumper, so looks like I’ll be wandering over there to get it back later. What an idiot.