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Harry Potter GIF Meme

The first GIF in your folder is you receiving your acceptance letter
 I hope they have bacon at Hogwarts.

The 32nd is you upon entering Diagon Alley
Clearly its not that interesting!

 The 13th is you saying whilst getting on the train
 I dun goofed

The 50th is you meeting new friends
Clearly not a people person. :P

The 21st is you getting sorted

The 10th is you eating the feast

The 9th is you during all your classes  
 Oh hell yeah!

The 23rd is you passing your end of the year exams 
Its over, finally.

The 44th is you leaving for the summer holidays 
But I don’t want to clean. D:

The 26th is your reaction when you realise Harry got a better grade in Defense Against the Dark Arts than you
That minx.

The 40th is your reaction when Snape praises you 
Awww yeah

The 12th is how you looked when you saw Harry on your doorstep 

The 35th is the person who waits for you in the Room of Requirement 
I get to tickle it? o3o

The 17th is the Death Eater you killed in the Battle of Hogwarts 
Look at me kicking that guy’s butt.

The 8th is the face you saw on prof. Quirrell’s head   

The 57th and the 63rd gifs are your lovable sidekicks

 I’m screwed, but daw bat. <3

The 4th is your Gryffindor enemy 

The 47th is the Dark Lord 
He’s automated. D:

The 14th is a Death Eater 
Seems legit.

The 37th is your white bearded mentor 
 So white its invisible. 

The 49th is your owl  
Absolute winner. :P

The 5th is your House Head
 I could weep with joy.

The GIF Challenge

Every 3rd GIF, no skipping.

How you’re feeling today:
 Seems legit.

Your love life:
Only because of the distance. T_T

What you have been doing today:
That’ll teach me to look through my Blue folder!

Your relationship with friends:
 OK… Not so sure about this one! 

Your relationship with family:
 I suppose so with regards to the relentless drama. 

When people first meet you they think:
 Sounds about right. 

When you’re alone:
 LOL I don’t even… 

Your feelings on the world:

Your feelings towards college: 
Ahaha yes. 

If you were to propose to your boyfriend, their reaction would be:
 D: I hope not! 

Your feelings if you won the lottery:

What a potential employer would think of you:
 I… I don’t… Yeah. Just going to leave this here. 

You on your wedding day:
 At some of the outfits, maybe. :P

People at your funeral:
I hope so, that would be awesome. 

Your reaction to finding out that the world is going to end:

What you would do in an attempt to save it: 
Not so sure that would help. 

Your best attack move: 
Oh dear Gods my lungs, so much laughing. SEND HELP

Your reaction to a gun in your face:
Not a single fuck was given. 

And after all of that I can’t stop laughing. I especially love how little most of them match up, which is great because most I see seem too perfectly suited to be random…
May do more in future for shits and giggles, now I’m off to cry with laughter at my best attack move.