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The GIF Challenge

Every 3rd GIF, no skipping.

How you’re feeling today:
 Seems legit.

Your love life:
Only because of the distance. T_T

What you have been doing today:
That’ll teach me to look through my Blue folder!

Your relationship with friends:
 OK… Not so sure about this one! 

Your relationship with family:
 I suppose so with regards to the relentless drama. 

When people first meet you they think:
 Sounds about right. 

When you’re alone:
 LOL I don’t even… 

Your feelings on the world:

Your feelings towards college: 
Ahaha yes. 

If you were to propose to your boyfriend, their reaction would be:
 D: I hope not! 

Your feelings if you won the lottery:

What a potential employer would think of you:
 I… I don’t… Yeah. Just going to leave this here. 

You on your wedding day:
 At some of the outfits, maybe. :P

People at your funeral:
I hope so, that would be awesome. 

Your reaction to finding out that the world is going to end:

What you would do in an attempt to save it: 
Not so sure that would help. 

Your best attack move: 
Oh dear Gods my lungs, so much laughing. SEND HELP

Your reaction to a gun in your face:
Not a single fuck was given. 

And after all of that I can’t stop laughing. I especially love how little most of them match up, which is great because most I see seem too perfectly suited to be random…
May do more in future for shits and giggles, now I’m off to cry with laughter at my best attack move.