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Post rant.

So, 3 parcels I’ve been waiting on for a while all arrived today. Yay! Only not quite.
My Candy Geisha goodies arrived, but the box was beaten up.

My Sugarpill Poisonplum arrived, but talk about an oversized box, lolwat.

And then the one I’d been wanting most out of them all, my Urban Decay Anarchy Face Case. I’d wanted this since its release and was so excited to finally have it in my hands. That was until I opened it and realised it had been used and then returned.
The case was all scratched, the lip pencil worn away, marked and lack lustre, and half of the pans had deep grooves and brush marks in them. The entire case was dirty.

I would have taken pictures, but I was so upset and frustrated that I just boxed it back up, filled in the returns form and sent the courier collection request online.
I expect this sort of thing from an eBay shop or perhaps a shop who only sells make-up as a side line like Tesco, but not from Debenhams, the only official UK distributor. Who doesn’t check cosmetics returns?! My guess is someone bought both the Arachy and Shattered, used them both and then returned the one they didn’t want.
I am now going to have to wait over a week just to order my replacement, as it was bought with a giftcard and the earliest courier pick-up was monday. This means I have to wait for it to be picked up, and THEN processed before I get my credit back. BAHHHH

Sick to the back teeth of being told I’ve never had a “real/proper” job by people, including my boyfriend.
Just because I have never had an office job and always a manual labour job, does NOT mean I have not had a “real” job. If anything, sitting around in a comfy chair looking at a computer screen is not a “proper” job.

One thing I don’t think I’ll ever understand, is why cosmetic companies advertise mascara by slapping it on as a clumpy mess. It looks like a drunk teen did it. :/

So, two hours in a room that isn’t mine, by myself, with fuck all to do, except scroll through here or Fb on my phone.
Yayyyy I’m so excited, I’ve never known so much fun.

Got all my craft stuff out, ready to make some awesome things, then my brain decided to herpderp and butt my muse out.


I can’t be the only person that HATES humming, surely.

My mum hums all the time, and it’s not even as if it’s an actual tune, she’s just making it up as she goes along and it drives me bloody insane.
I’m in another room to her, with the telly on, and I can STILL here her. GAHHHH 

I think I may be one of the few people alive that doesn’t find Tom Daley attractive in any way. :/

This makes the Olympics tag pretty dull, because it mostly seems to be pictures of him. ¬_¬
Also, mum just turned over to rowing from the Judo… WHY?! I don’t care if we’re winning in it, it’s so boring to watch. 

Its official, dress shopping is an awful nightmare.

All the maxi-dresses I like are either strapless or black, or the colour I like is out of stock.
Strapless dresses are awful especially for large busts and usually make you look like a whale, and its for a wedding so I don’t want black. 

All the other dresses are whore length. -.- 

I have 6 sides of A4 of research to print, but we have no ink or paper for the printer… Hello knackered wrists!

On another note, I really wish the valentines day adverts would go away.
Really not helping me look forward to my birthday. 

Sometimes I wonder if my life would be easier if I was an alcoholic whore.

They never seem to have problems finding friends or partners. -.-
Or maybe I should just bin all morals and become a spineless bitch. CHOICES. 

So I finally got my bike and jumper back.

Had to phone his mom to arrange it, and despite being in he didn’t even show his face. LOL! Coward.

Haha, what a hypocrite!

So, according to my ex I’m a loser for using OKCupid, yet he’s just signed up to it and is looking for “casual sex”, classy!
Also, he’s deleted me from Facebook before giving me back my bike and jumper, so looks like I’ll be wandering over there to get it back later. What an idiot. 

Last night shift at work, looking forward to getting it over and done with.

My heart feels as though its trying to strangle itself, really don’t want to go. -.-
I know its only 3 hours, but it feels so much longer, and it gets so busy. Its far too much for me to cope with. 

Well, looks like I’m single again after 3 years…

Once again alcohol ruins a relationship. -.- 
Who knew abstinence would make life so hard.