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On a not-so-positive note, my nightmares have come back, haven’t had a good nights sleep in over a week. :(

I keep waking up in the middle of the night, completely freezing cold and petrified. Wish I could get rid of them for good, had a nice few nightmare free months.

How to ruin your chances of sleeping, the Grimsauce way:

1. Receive proposition from cute gay girl.
2. Lie in bed wide awake while your brain goes into super happy active mode.

I need sleeeeeep

Please, mind, just let me sleep, stop torturing me with things I neither want to see nor think about.

Wide awake, depressions deep set and I know I wont get an ounce of sleep tonight.

As if my physical well-being hasn’t taken enough of a beating recently, now to toss this on top? Fabulous.

Well, my attempt to sleep failed, so I’m pootling about and setting up an Etsy shop instead. DERP

Heavy rain!

This can mean only one thing… Sleep! Omnom sleeping to the sound of rain.

Time to try and sleep

I’m not hopeful, I never am when I’m alone, and that is always.